10.27.16 - Chris & Mike are sending us off with a bang for the final Farm Shed Dinner for 2016! Come get a taste of one of the most unique dining experiences in Dallas



9.29.16 - Chris & Mike are back for this one! Check out their full bio in the previous Feature Chef link below!


8.25.16 - PACHA

Chef Masaru Fukuda is Japanese but was born in Lima-Peru. After moving to the United States, he graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts. He worked as a graphic designer for 5 years but did not find fulfillment there. He decided to follow his heart and passion and became a line cook at a restaurant.

He has worked in the restaurant industry for the past 9 years. From being a line cook he moved up to Sous Chef and worked 5 years at Latin Bites (South American Restaurant).  After those great years, he started to work for Kata Robata and was trained by a James Beard Award nominee for a year. Thanks to his training and hard work he landed as the Executive Chef at Max’s Wine Dive.

Chef Masaru’s background in cuisine is Peruvian and also Nikkei (the fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisines). With this concept, he partnered up with chef Alejandro Betancourt and started PACHA Private Chefs and Creative Catering.


Alejandro Betancourt - Chef / Partner at PACHA Private Chefs and Creative Catering






Inaugural Chefs

Chefs Mike Kelley & Chris Waltman comprise two-thirds of Tres Dallas, a culinary solutions team conducting pop-up dinners, partnership events, and other culinary services around the metroplex. Tres Dallas is the product of Chris, Mike, & partner Tia Christopher seeking to unite farmers, chefs, and the general public and further education about our region's bounty. Showcasing talented chefs from around DFW; enabling them to create outside of their normal settings, Tres takes dining back to its community roots by celebrating local products, local chefs, and of course local guests like you!

Chris is a proud, born and raised Texan.  He originally studied to become a Civil Engineer at Texas A&M University, and after an epiphany, decided to leave the family profession of Engineering to follow his passion for cooking.  He went on to culinary school to achieve a formal education in the culinary world, followed by obtaining a Food Science certificate from Harvard University.  He has worked in just about every facet of the industry from fine dining to small restaurants and catering.  He currently works for Forbes Heaver and Wallace as their Executive Chef and Equipment Specialist.  Chris is involved in a wide variety of responsibilities, including menu development for national chains, procedural improvement, demonstrations, research and development, and culinary support.  His job enables him to work worth many talented Chefs and have the opportunity to connect and learn with them.  He also has a garlic farm North of Dallas that he co-owns with a close childhood friend where they ferment black garlic from their home grown crops.  One of Chris’ many passions and talents is creating a wide variety of vinegar and pressure age liquors.



Mike Kelley, a born & raised North Texan, began his culinary career studying and working in Austin Texas. He was fortunate enough to work with amazingly talented Chefs and colleagues along the way and develop a passion for simple, honest cuisine with careful consideration of quality farm sourced products. This led to two month period of traveling in the Rhone Valley andSouth Eastern France working on local organic farms studying sustainable farming practices. Amidst these travels, Mike and his wife fell in love with the city of Munich and relocated there to live and work for some time. Family brought them back to the Pacific Northwest where Mike was able to work closely with an experienced beer brewing master and procure a new appreciation of the regions natural bounty. Now, after being away for some time and working a demanding job as a traveling chef, Mike has returned to his home in North Texas and hopes to take his accumulated experiences and apply them to the variety of products and cuisine that makes Texas so unique.