2017 Farm Partners

March 30th 2017 - TBD

2016 Farm Partners


"F.A.R.M. aims to reestablish meaning in the lives of veterans. Working with the Earth alongside other veterans, individuals in our program find new reason to wake up and fight for another day. While providing opportunities to heal and recover from past strife, veterans will discover a sense of purpose and place.

Our program seeks to create camaraderie. It is critical to stay connected and create systems of mutual support.Many desperately miss the unbreakable bonds in military units. It is impossible to replace these military teams, but F.A.R.M. will attempt to recreate a similar network of support and trust for our veterans. "

- For more about F.A.R.M. and ways you can get involved, check out their webpage here


F.A.R.M. Facebook Page


8.25.16 Texas Honeybee Guild

We are excited to team up with Texas Honeybee Guildfor our August dinner!

The Texas Honeybee Guild promotes the health and well-being of bees in Texas through educational programs and urban micro-apiaries while building awareness of bees and how they play a part in our world.

6.30.16 - Summer Cookout

Lemley's Produce - J.T. Lemley

J.T. Lemley owns and operates Lemley's Produce & Plant Farm outside of Canton Texas. With years of farming experience and know-how, Lemley's has partnered with the Dallas Farmers Market and Chefs Produce, supplying many Dallas area restaurants with some of the best produce around North Texas!

You can find Lemleys Produce at Dallas Farmer's Market, Facebook, or drive out to Canton for something other than First Mondays!



5.26.16 Viva la Cuba! 

Falster Farms


Nancy & Karl have full-orbed Certified Wholistic™ family farm and Mini Cattle Ranch that started as a family therapy project for our USMC combat veteran - "frankly, breeding miniature Hereford cows and farming totally changed our lives for the better" says Karl.

Falster Farm Facebook Page

Since 1999 they continue to produce some of the most consistent, highest quality natural miniature Hereford beef and heirloom meat pork available . . . according to a growing list of Chefs that purchase their beef and pork.

Falster's clover fed, genetically superior beef and pork stands at the top on its own merit  . . .  grown with low stress. Bio-Dynamic soil preparations make for a sweet finish on their East Texas Ball Clover pastures. No further processing, tenderization or added condiments are required.



Falster Facebook Page